Pha Sat Phong is a temple architecture model made of foam material, surrounded by flowers made of beeswax.

The size of those towers are varied, there are towers that are very large and heavy and require many people to carry them. However, there are also very small towers depending on the economic capacity of each person.

Big towers are often contributed by a group of people. The small tower is self-made or purchased individual.

The form of the towers are also very diverse, it can be as simple as a small banana tree surrounded by flowers made of beeswax, or a large elaborate multi-storey tower.

The ceremony of carrying towers often have people dancing and singing, so the atmosphere is very joyfull. People use cars to carry speakers, amplifiers, and drums to encourage dancing and singing.

The ceremony is very solemn, led by monks. When the towers were brought to That Luong pagoda, people would walk three times around the pagoda to pay homage to the Buddha and commemorate the dead.

As one of the main ceremonies of the That Luong festival, the Pha Sat Phong attracts a large number of Buddhists. After being offered, these towers will be arranged by monks around the base of That Luong tower.