Opened in 2013, Dine in the Dark in Phnom Penh gives you a chance to experience this first hand. To find out what it’s like every day for the estimated 144,000 blind people who live in Cambodia.

Although this may seem like an awkward experience (but in a good way) you are guided from beginning to end by the fantastic waiters of Dine in the Dark who are visually impaired themselves.

By eating at Dine in the Dark you are helping support a restaurant that promotes equal opportunity employment for the past, and present students of NGO Krousar Thmey – School for the deaf & blind.

More and more equal employment and training restaurants like this are opening in Cambodia. Such projects really are an important part of helping Cambodia to heal and distance itself from its tragic past. By giving Khmers with disabilities an equal opportunity to study and be employed, this in turn encourages other disadvantaged Khmer’s to find hope, get off the streets, and get educated.

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