The 36th graduation ceremony in 2020 saw a total of 579 graduates at Hoa Binh Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City granted graduate degrees using international blockchain technology offered by the university.

Blockchain is an advanced form of technology that has been thriving for the past 10 years, it operates using the block-based information archive hierarchical principle. As such, information blocks stored in the network are first encrypted, then time labeled, before being chained tightly with one another, resulting in the data becoming unchangeable once approved.

When applied to the education sector, the issuance of a blockchain-based degree will guarantee the authenticity of data, its uniqueness, and absolute security. These factors, therefore, create favourable conditions in terms of rapid verification, comparison, and the authentication of degrees through the Internet.

Upon receiving their degree, each graduate is presented with an online authenticated version in addition to one in line with traditional regulations. Each of them contains a regularly-checked, permanent internet address, along with a QR code that is necessary for convenient use in applications.

At the graduation ceremony, HSU Rector Assoc. Prof., Dr Nguyen Ngoc Dien said the application will not only help to manage and store graduate degrees but also prevent fake degrees while ensuring the rights of students and employers.

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