Vietnam Ao Dai Museum is built from an elaborate 10-years idea of ​​Mr Hoang. The area covers lush garden houses, an ancient small pond, and rows of traditional houses with the style of meditation and tranquillity, all seem to have nostalgia feelings.

Right at the gate of the museum, visitors can see a detailed guide map of this area, so they will easily find the destination they want to visit.

Going further inside, you will see a wooden room displaying Vietnamese traditional dresses from the past to the present.

There are the long dresses in the French colonial period, Ao dai with the neck of Mrs Tran Le Xuan style, the Ao dai made of ceramic material, painted Ao dai, Ao Tu Than, Ao Nam Than (five flaps), brocade robes, and modern-style Ao Dai.

The room also displays the dresses of the well-known ladies in history, which were given to the Saigon Museum of Ao Dai, such as Ms Kim Cuong, Ms Bach Tuyet – traditional music singer, culinary expert Dzoan Cam Van, singer Cam Van, psychologist Ly Thi Mai, Ao dai of Mrs Nguyen Thi Dinh, Ms Nguyen Thi Binh…

Besides, this place also displays Ao dai of 1989 with painting motifs, which were introduced into the early costumes of innovative style, and international award-winning designs of the designer Sy Hoang.

Visiting this museum, you can see about 3,000 images of Vietnamese women in traditional costumes.

The long dresses are displayed in a luxurious space. The air conditioner will be turned on in the morning to preserve the long-term beauty of the clothes and will turn off in the evening.

Under each ao dai, there is a small board to introduce basic information covering name, material, design, history, etc.

Also, a guider will explain the history, culture, origin and interesting stories about each ao dai and the landscape of the museum. The cost of hiring a guide is included in the ticket price.

An interesting experience that visitors can do here is to make their own Ao dai. You will be instructed on the process of making it from designing, sewing, drawing and embroidery on the dress. Maybe you will recognize your sewing talent? Do not miss this exciting experience when visiting the Ao Dai Museum in Saigon!

Vietnam Ao Dai Museum is one of the attractive places in Ho Chi Minh City that many couples choose to take wedding photos, and artistic pictures.

The Ao Dai Museum was built according to the ancient structure of Southern architecture. You will have beautiful pictures in the dreamy scenery, the beautiful small wooden bridges across the village, the quiet marina, Vong Nguyet Tra (palace to drink tea and watch the moon), Ngu Hanh Mieu (five element temple), and the traditional villas. And, you can spend overnight at the villa if you want to hire it.

You come here not only to admire the collection of Ao dai but also to choose the Vietnamese traditional dresses that you like to wear for beautiful souvenir photos.

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