This 60km/h product was designed by local inventor Nhean Phaloek. Angkor EV 2013 can run for 300km/charge and can be controlled by a smartphone.

Angkor EV has 2 seats with a vertically opening door design and looks like a Nissan Quest minivan, according to green.autoblog. The price of Angkor EV 2013 manufactured by Heng Development company is 10,000 USD. A year later, the 2014 version of this model lowered the price to only about $3,000, meeting the demand for a new car compared to the old car market, which is quite cheap in this country.

“This is an opportunity for Cambodia to introduce the “made in Cambodia” products with Cambodian ideas,” said Ms. Chan Heng. In March 2011, Heng Development Company and engineer Nhean Phaloe and Chou Leang Alliance Group signed an agreement to build an Angkor factory in Takhmao district, Kandal province, that worth 20 million USD, to serve the plan. The production plan was to produce from 500 to 1,000 cars and would be divided according to the ratio of 80/20 respectively for the parties.

Accordingly, Mr. Nhean Phaloek aims to produce Angkor electric cars, starting with 2-seater and 4-seater models for $5,000 and then 6-seater or 12-seater models.

These mini cars will be designed according to his previous version, including fingerprint technology to open the door (the machine can recognize 60 fingerprints) and use an electronic card instead of a key to open the door.

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