Jesse McCaul, Krama’s communications director, said “Providing additional chances to discover, buy and sell, and create 100s of NFTs based on and promoting Cambodian culture, Krama NFT Marketplace represents a historic opportunity for the Kingdom’s artists to secure and independently verify their works, both old and new.”

Krama NFT Marketplace is registered in Singapore and is said to have international sales operations in Hong Kong and London. The company is also aiming to have a physical gallery at Royal Train Square in Phnom Penh to showcase 100s of pieces of art, music and photography, as well as special gift NFTs. They also planned to hold monthly online and physical auctions at the iconic Art Deco railway station.

B2B Cambodia spoke with Jesse, and he told us the main purpose is to preserve and promote Cambodian art and raise revenues for local artists and heritage. “If you look globally at what is going on with NFTs, there are lots of different models but one unique component of our platform is that collection will be digital and physical. The buyers will get the physical piece of work if they get the digital NFT with the purchase.”

The Train Square in the Cambodian capital will feature events and initiatives to promote local art, and the first series is called ‘Full Steam Ahead’ which is in collaboration with the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).

The Krama NFT Marketplace platform is under development and is planned to launch in March 2022. The payments will be cryptocurrency-based on Ethereum and will be in line with local crypto trading regulations and laws.

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