The project is developed by Ecopark and Nomura (one of the largest real estate corporations in Japan); Nikken (top 2 largest design corporations in the world) is the architectural design unit of the project. Raymon (Japan’s largest hot mineral consulting group) was appointed to consult and operate an Onsen complex of nearly 3,000 m2. In addition, Coteccons – Vietnam’s No. 1 construction corporation is the general contractor for the project

In this project, Ecopark has brought hot minerals into the apartment, combined with the infrared sauna room to form a perfect hot mineral treatment course. Up to now, this is the first project in Indochina to bring Detox & Onsen technology into each apartment.

“Ecopark wants to turn each apartment into a spa. We have to work with hundreds of Onsen experts, Japan’s leading detox experts and therapists to solve the problem of creating the perfect hot spring, designed to treat health problems.

Preventing pipeline corrosion when bringing hot minerals to the apartment, designing the bathroom as a miniature Onsen resort, creating the optimal combination of hot mineral and infrared sauna are also challenges that are solved by the experts from Japan”, representatives of Nomura and Raymond shared.

Not only bringing hot minerals and detox technology into each apartment, right at the foot of the 2 apartment towers is a 2,000 m2 indoor and outdoor Onsen complex, with 3 hot mineral springs with quality equivalent to the best mineral mines in Hakone Japan.

These Onsen complexes are designed to treat specific health problems and treatments: hot springs specializing in beauty care, hot springs specializing in the treatment of diseases of old age, and hot mineral springs specializing in cardiovascular and joint problems.

The introduction of hot minerals and detox technology into each apartment of the 2 Swanlake towers is considered a breakthrough, raising the bar for healthcare real estate in Vietnam.

Before Swanlake was deployed, hot mineral complexes were often arranged at resorts hundreds of kilometers from Hanoi and Saigon, only suitable for long vacations. With the presence of this complex, residents can enjoy hot mineral therapy, experience body cleansing sessions daily right in their apartments.

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