Looking back, in the early years of its establishment, the library was one of departments under the Department of Education with an initial capital of 5000 books, poor facilities, having only two staff who were not professionally trained. The operating conditions of the library at that time were quite poor due to the general situation of the University and the country during wartime. However, the Library had been continuing to strive to provide good service to staff and students in the university, even during the evacuation.

The library has been evacuated in Lang Son, Ha Bac, Hai Hung, Ha Tay with a large volume of books to serve the training of scientific and technical staff for the country.

In the meantime, from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, new universities were formed such as the University of Civil Engineering, University of Mining and Geology, University of Light Industry and Military Branch II (now an academy) Military Engineering). The University Library also shared many documents and sent staff to work in the Library at the University of Mining and Geology and the University of Civil Engineering.

Since 1973, the library has been separated and transformed into an independent unit. The Library Board has been continuously invested and developed. When the South was liberated, some librarians went to work in the central and southern regions to build libraries there.

During the renovation period, Hanoi University of Science and Technology has modernized training work and improved the quality of teaching and learning. The University has also invested significantly in the library, such as increasing additional funds, upgrading facilities to be worthy of the 50 years of development and growth of the University as well as the library, especially investment in building construction. The electronic library now is quite large and modern.

In November 2003, the Library and the Information and Networking Center merged into a new unit, the Library and the Information Network, with two main tasks: operating, exploiting the new electronic library, managing and operating the Internet. Information from Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

From the year 2006 – 2007, the Electronic Library of Hanoi University of Science and Technology is opened to serve readers with a system of elective reading rooms, with 2000 seats and enhanced online access to electronic learning materials.

At the beginning of September 2008, under the direction of the Board of Directors to suit the new situation, the Library Department separated and became an independent Ta Quang Buu Library unit, entering a new phase of development with the strong development of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Today, Ta Quang Buu library is known as the “mecca” of future engineers, the largest and most modern library in the system of universities in the country. Ta Quang Buu Library is the largest university library in Indochina with a total usable area of ​​37,000 m2. The total number of titles is about 600,000. Total number of computers: 2,421. In which, office system: 632. For students to study: 1,789. Large learning space, classrooms are built according to the model of an open library with the ability to serve about 2,000 readers at the same time. Coming to Ta Quang Buu library, many people think that they are in an international library, or some high-class hotel because the outside of the library does not look very eye-catching, but the inside is very luxurious, modern… Worthy of being the largest university library in Indochina.

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