Vinpearl Aquarium is located inside Vincom Mega Mall Times City in Hanoi, and is one of the most modern and beautiful aquariums in the world. Spread prolifically over an area of 4000 meters and home to more than 300 colourful fishes and other animals like penguin, snakes, turtles and giant spider crab, this aquarium is visited by a large number of people every year.

A tunnel with an escalator is also located inside which gives a splendid view of the beautiful species and makes you feel as if you are also a part of the underwater world.

Vinpearl Aquarium is a perfect place to explore and know about the variety of oceanic species without actually going to the ocean. It is a beautiful place to visit to break free from the monotony of daily life and enjoy some time being in the company of radiant and lively fishes. A trip to Vinpearl Aquarium will make you feel as if you are also in the ocean swimming and playing with these magnificent aquatic creatures.

FRESHWATER FISH AREA: The theme of the Freshwater Fish area is ‘All the streams run into the Sea’, it is designed to make you feel as if you have entered a tropical region. To add more to the tropical effect, a number of creepers and bushy trees are also put up in the aquarium. The beautiful fishes belonging to the Amazon River and Mekong River that you can spot here include Arapaima, Siamensis, Catlocarpio and Discus Fish.

REPTILE AREA: The Reptile area is built in the form of a cave that is replete with reptiles, amphibians and insects. This part of the aquarium depicts the rainforest and is the first aquarium in Vietnam to possess a reptile nurturing area. The myriad of species include lizards, Turtles, tortoises and Golden python. Some of the fascinating insects like Latrodectus, Red Centipede and King Scorpion can also be seen in this section of the aquarium.

SALTWATER FISH AREA: The Saltwater Fish area comprises a diverse variety of species that generally live in the ocean. This area is built like a tunnel where you can get lost and enjoy the feeling of floating in the ocean. The most fascinating creature, which is popular not amongst travelers but locals too, is the penguin. The penguins have their own oasis where they live happily and reproduce. They are adorable creatures that look extremely spellbinding, flapping their wings or swimming in the water. This area also has some of the deadliest yet mesmerizing fishes like sharks and Giant Stingrays. A number of other oceanic creatures like octopus, starfish and crabs can also be spotted here which makes it the best section in the aquarium.

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