Samatoa is a social textile enterprise focusing on the values of fair trade and sustainable development. The goal is to create a viable alternative to the textile industry. Creating the greenest and most innovative textile in the world, Samatoa is proud to manufacture your unique textile collections. Samatoa was recognized in 2012 by the UNESCO Prize for excellence for its unique lotus flower fabric.

They experimented with more than 10 local natural fibers like lotus, pineapple, banana, water lily, romchek, kapok, papyrus, palm, silk, coconut, water hyacinth, and rice leaves. During the search, they also developed a fantastic team of expert spinners, weavers, seamstresses, and designers. Their innovative fabrics are 100% ecological, handspun, and woven, following traditional Cambodian methods. This gives them a unique texture and properties. Now a high demand rises worldwide.

Extraction, spinning, and weaving of the lotus flower fabric, consumes no polluting resources. The production process doesn’t need oil, electricity, or gas and does not require any toxic chemicals. The lotus flower and its sustainable production benefits both nature and humans.

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