Aimed at helping Cambodian scientists to share their findings and improve their writing skills, the journal is open access and addresses the critical need for information on the conservation status and management requirements of Cambodian biodiversity.

All papers are peer-reviewed by leading national and international scientists and published in English.

Many of the journal’s authors are Cambodians with little experience in writing scientific papers, so the editors gently coach novice authors to develop their analysis and presentation.

Young scientists are thus gaining valuable new skills and confidence to write up their work, while distinguished veterans can use the journal to ensure their findings reach a wide audience in Cambodia.

The journal is published biannually in June and December each year by the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (CBC) at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

The Cambodian Journal of Natural History publishes original work by Cambodian and foreign scientists on all aspects of Cambodian natural history, including the status and ecology of species and habitats, new records, range extensions and checklists for species, landscape ecology, conservation policies and management plans, and human use of natural resources. The journal accepts original work by:

  • Cambodian and foreign scientists on any aspect of Cambodian natural history
  • Cambodian scientists on natural history studies in any part of the world
  • The journal especially welcomes material that enhances understanding of conservation requirements and has the potential to improve conservation management in Cambodia.

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