During her services in human services in San Antonio and in Washington DC, USA, the organizations received numerous awards for excellent services to the community and in the good management of volunteers’ resources by The Texas Department of Human Resources and the National Association for the Advancement of Education of Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese Americans.

She founded SILAKA in 1997 and continues to lead SILAKA’s professional team to implement the innovation strategy and support services to partners in the government department and local institutions in Cambodia. She also sat on the Executive Committee of Social Watch International and LDC Watch International to advance the observation of human rights.

In 2006, she has moved to become the Secretary General for the Committee to Promote Women in Politics in Cambodia, advocating for equal participation of women in the process of development and in decision making, using CEDAW, and the MDGs. She serves as the Chairperson and Board Members of several national organizations and active in the local scene among civil society actors in the country.

According to silaka.org