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The Journey To Promote New Records In Indochina (P.164) – SILAKA (Cambodia) : The first NGO promoting the participation of Cambodian women in politics in Indochina

( In 1993, the Cambodian National Council (CNC) based in the United States implemented a Cambodian-American Volunteer Project in Cambodia. The project was funded by USAID and operated for four years before finally localizing into a local capacity-building organization focusing on training and advocacy.

SILAKA was incorporated as a non-political, non-sectarian local Cambodian NGO in January 1997 registered with the Ministry of Interior. SILAKA works to identify and provide quality programs and training opportunities for individuals and organizations. As a leading capacity-building organization, SILAKA’s offers unsurpassed service and delivery of high-quality training and consultant services.

SILAKA works with clients in an improvement process that is collaborative, values-based, and focused on achieving the success of the client’s organization/institution. They work mainly with non-profit organizations, and governmental institutions to support, develop and implement projects to bring about gender equity, accountability and effective management.

SILAKA aims toward a vision: A prosperous Cambodian society, with sustained development, with women and men actively participate equally for good governance.

SILAKA sets out to establish, build and strengthen the capacity of Cambodians by:

  • Remaining concerned & sensitive to client’s needs while providing the quality relevant training;
  • Promote good governance and gender equality in rebuilding Cambodian society;
  • Nurturing networking and cooperation to engage both demand and supply sides;
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences to help advance Cambodian’s development and peacebuilding.

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