Every day, new discoveries are made, updated studies published, groundbreaking approaches added to the everlasting work of the first Angkor explorers. The amount of information is often staggering. Angkor Database is the first attempt to a comprehensive resource for discerning travelers, first-time visitors and, overall, Angkor lovers.

Do you want to know more about one specific, lesser-known temple you visited one day, far from the tourist crowds, or some friends mentioned to you after a trip to the vast area once under the influence of the Khmer Empire? Are you fascinated with some particular aspect of the architectural, sculptural or scriptural creativity in the Angkorean era? Are you looking for the latest findings and studies on timeless cultural or social topics, such as medicine and healthcare, music and performing arts, the evolution of religious and mystical concepts?

The Angkor Database is a nonprofit online resource created and developed by Maads Living Cambodia in association with Templation Angkor Hotel Siem Reap. The library at Templation Angkor Resort, along with Angkor Database online platform, reflects the main endeavor: in collaboration with researchers, historians, artists, creators, illustrate the scope of Angkorean influences on present-day culture and mores of modern Cambodia.

This is an ongoing labor of love and respect dedicated to Cambodia, its people and its perceptive visitors.

According to angkordatabase.asia