Graduated from art pedagogy, Long An College of Education, he had nearly 4 years in teaching, but because of his own reasons, he could not continue this job. Currently, although he works as a sales supervisor at a paper company, his love for art still flows in him. In addition to working at the company, he takes advantage of his spare time to paint and decorate coconuts to satisfy his passion for art.

To create a complete product, Mr. Nhut takes 2 hours, going through many stages such as selecting coconut, embossing letters, painting and decorating more apricot, peach blossom … in which embossing is the most important step. Mr. Nhut explained: “The letters must be applied just right, so that they do not reveal the glue. This step, if not done carefully, the word and coconut will not match, making the product not beautiful.

In addition, choosing coconut is also an equally important step. Coconut must be round evenly, with smooth skin. This is a stage that affects more or less the aesthetics of the product, because if the coconut is beautiful, the product is beautiful.

Initially, Nhut only decorated coconuts to give to relatives. Gradually, his products were known and many people wanted to buy them at Tet decorations. This is the third year Mr. Nhut has been doing this job. Although it is a seasonal job, it gives him quite a good income. Within 2 weeks before each Lunar New Year, the amount he earned from drawing coconut was 10-15 million VND.