To enhance the solidarity and friendship between the nations in Southeast Asia region in general and the cooperation between the Record Organizations in these nations in particular, with the initiative suggestion of the Vietnam Book of Records in the meeting held in May 2016 in Vietnam, Mr.Tanya Phonanan – the Editor in Chief  of the Thailand Book of Records hosted to organize the “1st Meeting of the Record Organizations in Asean- 2016” in Omni Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand on 19th June 2016. According to the schedule, each country will take turn organizing this meeting twice a year.

The members joined in the meeting.

The members joined in the meeting include:

  1. From Vietnam Book of Records:
  2. Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien – CEO
  3. Ms. Huynh Lam Nguyen Hanh Thao- International Affairs


  1. From Singapore Book of Records:
  2. Mr. Ong Eng Huat – Editor in Chief


  1. MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia- Indonesia Record Organization)
  2. Mrs. Aylawati Sarwono – Editor in Chief 
  3. Mr. Osmar Susilo
  4. Mr. Awan Rahargo.


  1. Cambodia Book of Records:
  2. Mr. Virak Hun – Editor in Chief


  1. Thailand Book of Records:
  2. Mr. Tanya Phonanan – Editor in Chief
  3. Ms. Kwanrudee Phonanan – Managing Director
  4. Ms. Puttachat Suriyawong – Managing Editor
  5. Ms. Daraporn Samkampang – Editor.
  6. Ms. Wipawan- International Affairs

The members was listening to the speech from the Cambodian representative.

During the meeting, the members introduced in shift about their record organizations to all of the members in the meeting. Beside that, they also exchange their point of view as well as their operative, managing experiences in an ebullient and intimate atmosphere. Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien- representative of the Vietnam Book of Records suggested an idea to form Asen Book of Records and received the contribution of ideas from all of the members in the meeting. 


The representative signed in the Memorandum of Cooperation.


After 4 hours, the meeting ended successfully with the signature of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the representatives of the Record Organization from the nations. According to the schedule, the 2nd Meeting of the Record Organizations in Asean-2016 will be held in Vietnam in October 2016.

Some images taken in the meeting:

The members had a friendly evening before the meeting.


The representative from Indonesia was introducing about their organization.


Mr. Ong Eng Huat- representative from Singapore Book of Records made his speech.


Mr. Tanya Phonanan introduced about the gift that the Thailand Book of Records would like to give the members of the meeting


The meeting ended up in the smile and friendship embrace of the members.