Origin – meaning of work:

According to the local people, when it was found in 2004, on the surface of the petrified wood, there were lines similar to the face of Jesus Christ when he was executed on the cross. From that inspiration, Mr. Luong Xuan Binh – the author of the statue of Jesus Christ has carefully and meticulously sculpted to create a statue with the lively and soulful face of Jesus Christ from 2005 to 2019. With the great techniques and skillful hands of the artist, the author has carved the face of Jesus Christ with the stripe and natural colors of the petrified wood plank that creating an extremely beautiful work. In addition, the blue, gray, brown, and black colors of the petrified wood are very similar to the wounds on the face of Jesus Christ during the execution, making the work more soulful and lifelike. At the first glance, the work has left a strong impression on the people who enjoy it as well as deep feelings for the Christian believer.    

The statue of Jesus Christ is placed on a Baccaurea Ramiflora wooden support, dating back over 100 years which the author spent a lot of time for searching. The natural wavy lines of the wooden support seem to connect directly with the beard, the hair of the statue makes the details from the stone plank to the wooden support like one block. This is also considered as a unique work have played a part in increasing values and meaning to the statue of Jesus Christ. Under the base of the work is a well-proportioned octagonal wooden base that makes the overall work more complete.

The statue of Jesus Christ is not only a simple decoration of petrified wood but also a true work of art, a treasure of both physical and spiritual value to its owner. The seemingly traumatic statue contains in it the salvation, liberation, and spiritual connection of each Christian to Jesus.




About petrified wood – a miracle gift from nature

Petrified wood also known as fossilized wood petrified wood, stone wood. This type of wood has been buried in lava or underground for millions of years. During geological development, the trees buried underground turned into coal. When there are favorable conditions such as soil containing silicon solution (SiO2) seeping into the fibers makes the tree become hard as rock. This process of change is ongoing and has undergone hundreds of millions of years of geological development, with earthquakes turning wood stems into fossils and turning into rocks. From the outside appearance, petrified wood looks like trees but when it is touched, you can feel the coolness. Being viewed with a microscope, we can see in fossil wood growth rings, very delicate cell structures or secondary patterns that look like dividing lines on a jade stone surface or agate.

The color of the petrified wood is not fixed in one color but is usually gray, white gray, brown, light red, yellow orange, light black and a rare number is emerald green. The color on petrified wood stones is not a single color. In the world, petrified wood is found in Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Myanmar, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Libya … Vietnam petrified wood is found in: Lan Son, Tay Nguyen, Phu Yen … Currently, at the Institute of Geology and Geological Museum has displayed fossilized wood with a diameter of several meters.   


Uses of petrified wood :

Deep in the ground for millions of years, petrified wood imbibed the quintessence, positive energy of the universe. So petrified wood gives people great uses such as:  

– Petrified wood is the place to accumulate, to inherit the quintessence, positive energy of the universe, bringing great uses to health and nervous system; that energy also helps the homeowner to be stable when facing difficult situations; at the same time, it also initiates the will, arouse the potential, improve the confidence and stability for people, help reduce stress, eliminate the evil spirit and strengthen energy.

– In Mongolian folk medicine, petrified wood works very well for people with arthritis (arthritis, back pain, aches, spine inflammation,…). In addition, black brown petrified wood helps prevent the growth of pathogens, improves kidney function very effectively.

– Petrified wood is also used in several applications in modern life today, it is displayed in primitive form, made fine arts, jewelry, … When putting fossil wood in aquariums, lakes aquatic or rockery, the water becomes cooler.

Petrified wood can be considered as a mysterious, miraculous, rarely seen gift from nature. A unique work of art made from fossil wood material is not only good for health but also positively affects the spirit of the owner.

The statue of Jesus Christ is being reviewed, evaluated and created relevant documents by Record Management Board and experts to evaluate and recognize as a record in the near future