Located in Long Khanh, Saint Joseph major seminary of Xuân Lộc is the seventh major seminary of the Catholic Church in Việt Nam. Not only does the seminary have very good facilities but it also enjoys excellent human resources. With clear directives, everyone has been setting their sights on the evangelization of the whole world. The story began decades ago.

The building of the Philosophy Department

The newest building of the seminary, the Philosophy Department block consists of a three-storey building and lawns. It is divided into specific parts for particular purposes. On the ground floor, there are rooms for physical exercises and a language laboratory. People can find classrooms, a reading room and music rooms on the first floor. At the right end of the building is the hall. The two other floors are for self-study and rest. There all rooms are arranged with a study room in the middle of two dormitories.

Each class has its own chapel. The bigger one is on the top floor to the right of the building while the smaller one is on the second floor.
On the second floor, there is also the statue of a Vietnamese martyr, Vincent Phạm Hieu Liem. As regards his biography, he was a Dominican priest, born in 1732 in Bui Chu. Made of plastic, the statue is about three metres high. Far below situated in the yard is the statue of a seminarian martyr, Saint Thomas Tran Van Thien. He was born in 1820 in Quang Binh. Next to this statue is the statue of Archangel Michael killing a devil.

The building of the Theology Department

Constructed in a U-shape, the building is a complex of various facilities. On the ground are classrooms, private rooms for priests and guests, and two small chapels.
Situated on the other floors are common rooms for first and second year theology seminarians. To practise self-control capability, third year and fourth year theology seminarians stay in private rooms. All are well-equipped. Besides, there is also a clothes line at the other end over a big kitchen.

One can exaggerate that this building is both internally and externally covered with the spirit of piety and God’s presence. That’s because in total there are five chapels in one single block, of which the main one is the Grand Chapel. This chapel is built in the shape of three rice buds indicating the impending rich harvest of the Church.

Source and Photo : dcvxuanloc.net