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Reth Sarita, Cambodia’s Miss Universe representative leaves for “Miss Universe” pageant in the United States

( Miss Cambodia, Reth Sarita left her homeland to participate in the “Miss Universe” pageant in the United States, as this world-class competition is being held under the cloud of COVID-19 pandemic.

On her way to the United States, Reth Sarita, a Cambodian contestant who can speak three languages, brought the national representative costume called “Tep Ruam Roum” and Khmer bokator to the international stage.

Sarita said that many countries know Cambodia through the bitter story of the war in the past, so during this trip to the international stage, she will show the current situation of Cambodia, especially the progress, development and peace that Cambodia has today.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Cambodia is still sending their national candidates to compete as scheduled.

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