Located North of Bucharest, just 10 minutes away from the city, Therme Bucuresti is the largest relaxation and entertainment center in Europe, built green, a wellness concept for a modern lifestyle, dedicated to well-being. Therme Bucuresti’s focus for a balanced life translates into a holiday ambiance designed to help the guests fully detach from the busy city life. 

Opened 365 days a year, the facility has an average of more than 3,500 visitors a day and on peak days, the number goes up to 7,500 visitors. In 2016, its first year of operation, Therme Bucharest became the biggest tourist destination in Romania and welcomed more than 1.2 million visitors.

Therme Bucharest is awarded the LEED Platinum Certification for green building, being the first wellness facility of this scale to be Platinum. The water purification system is a world class performance and the process are realized through ozonation.

The thermal water, that is extracted from 3,000 m depth, is supplying all the 10 pools (indoor and outdoor), the temperature being constantly maintained at 33 degrees Celsius.

At Therme Bucharest, nature meets people in the most beautiful setup, which hosts the largest botanical garden in Romania with over 800,000 plants, includingover 1,500 palm trees, countless orchids and many other unique species.

Therme Bucharest combines relaxation, preventive health, physical activity, entertainment and food in a new concept never before seen in Romania. It turns a former luxury into an accessible every day, all year-round experience for public, while improving health and the quality of life for all visitors. 

According to euroespa.eu