J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd. better known as Frys, was a British chocolate company owned by Joseph Storrs Fry and his family. The business went through several changes of name and ownership; it was named J. S. Fry & Sons in 1822. 


In 1847, Fry's produced the first solid chocolate bar. The company also created the first filled chocolate sweet, Cream Sticks, in 1853. Fry is most famous for Fry's Chocolate Cream, the first mass-produced chocolate bar which was launched in 1866, and Fry's Turkish Delight, launched in 1914. 


Fry, alongside Cadbury and Rowntree's, were the big three British confectionery manufacturers throughout much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The company became a division of Cadbury in the early 20th century.

The original Somerdale Factory, then part of Cadbury's, was closed after the 2010 takeover of Cadbury's by Kraft Foods.


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