Makban Geothermal Power Complex, also known as Makiling-Banahaw Power Plants, is located in the municipalities of Bay and Calauan in the Laguna province and Santo Tomas, in the Batangas province. The Makiling-Banahaw complex in the Philippines was set up by the Chevron Geothermal Philippine Holdings, Inc.

The geothermal power complex is owned by AP Renewables, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aboitiz Power. The complex consists of six power plants comprising ten units, including a binary plant with five 3MW units and one 0.73MW unit.

The complex, covering an area of 700ha, commenced operations in 1979. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was one of the turbine suppliers for the plants at the complex.

In 1984, six more 55 MW units were installed in 3 power plants. Further expansion of the complex took place when, in 1994, 6 binary, bottom-cycle plants with a capacity of 15.73 MW were installed. Other units were inaugurated over the years thereafter, with the present capacity of the Makiling-Banahaw complex being 460 MW.  

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