Published 10 records of Viet Nam’s  Sea – Islands 2014


Vietkings record – Sea and Island is an integral part which like the flesh and blood in the body of country and people of Vietnam …

Welcome to the week of Vietnam’s Sea – Island ( 01.6.2014 – 08.6.2014 ) ,Vietnam Book of Records announced 10 officially Records of Vietnam’s Sea – Island 2014.

Country Vietnam has S -curve shape ,  Vietnam claims 12 nautical miles territorial sea, and 12 nautical miles contiguous territorial sea zone , 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone and continental shelf eventually . Due to the location near the seaside length geographical Vietnam should have a lot of islands . Islands Vietnam can be divided into two types of coastal islands and offshore islands . According to statistics , Vietnam has all 2,773 coastal islands with a total area of ​​1720.8754 km ² . In particular , Truong Sa and Hoang Sa Islands have been identified sovereignty as offshore islands of Vietnam over 500 years ago .

Vietnam’s Sea Island is an integral part of Vietnamese  – where the ancient Vietnamese residents already live. Vietnam’s Sea – Islands are poetic beauty ,like the vivid picture of nature which captivates the tourists around the world : Halong Bay , Bach Long Vy , Lang Co Beach , My Khe , Nha Trang , Mui Ne, Vung tau , …  Con Dao and Phu Quoc island, … and even Truong Sa and Hoang Sa remote island still have many tourists visit .

Among the thousands of islands and hundreds of beautiful unspoiled beaches in Vietnam , where there are many places have been surveyed and recognized as a World Natural Heritage . Vietnam Book of Records  has held executive search and advertise the beauty of the islands, we introduce to tourists at home and abroad . In 2012, Vietnam Book of Records announced 9 Records of Vietnam’s Sea Islands  which were acclaimed by related departments and well received . This year – 2014 Vietnam Book of Records  continues to announce 10 records of Sea- Islands , in  Vietnam’s Sea Island Week ( 01.6.2014 – 08.6.2014 ) .


1 . Hoang Sa and Truong Sa islands belong to Vietnam and have the most names  ( Hoang Sa , Truong Sa , Van Ly Truong Sa , Dai Truong Sa  , yellow sand ,yellow hillock ; The Paracel )


Hoang Sa , Truong Sa and located in a sea of ​​many name is Duong Giao Chi , Indochina Sea, Sea of ​​Champa ( Champa in the 16th century under the Western maps ) ,  South Sea,  Southeast Asia Sea …


The Portuguese , the Dutch called Hoang Sa be “Parcel” ; British called Truong Sa be “Pratlys” , French called Truong Sa “Spratleys” …


And special clearly note that Paracel was Yellow Sand ( An Nam Dai Quoc map in 1838 by Taberd , or yellow hillock in the article ” Geography of the Cochinchine Empire ” by GutzLaff Naeng in The Journal of the Geographical Society of London , vol . the 19th, 1849 , page 97 ) .

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