Published 10 records of Viet Nam’s  Sea – Islands 2014


Vietkings record – Sea and Island is an integral part which like the flesh and blood in the body of country and people of Vietnam …

Welcome to the week of Vietnam’s Sea – Island ( 01.6.2014 – 08.6.2014 ) ,Vietnam Book of Records announced 10 officially Records of Vietnam’s Sea – Island 2014.

2. Hoang Sa – Truong Sa islands belong to Vietnam have the biggest space, longest, widest, deepest, furthest  from mainland of Viet Nam, most rocks.


The Paracel Islands are in a wide range 15.000km2, between meridian from 111 degrees to 113 degrees East, about 95 nautical miles (1 nautical mile = 1.853 km), from 17o05 ‘to 15o, 45’do north latitude, approximately 90 nautical miles; the waters around than 1000m depth, but between the islands usually below 100m depth.

 Paracel Islands are Horizontal coast of some provinces: Quang Tri, Thua Thien, Quang Nam and a part of Quang Ngai.


About distance from the mainland, the Paracel Islands is located near Vietnam from the land:

From Tri Ton island to Mui Ba Lang An(Cap Batangan: 15 degrees of North latitude , 108 degrees 6 ‘ of East meridian), ie Vietnam’s continental land measuring 135 nautical miles, from the Cu Lao Re only 123 nautical miles, in when the distance to the nearest island of Hainan far shore to 140 nautical miles (Paracels-Pattle: 16 degrees of North latitude, 111 degrees 6 ‘ East meridian and  Ling Sui and Leong Soi: 18 degree of North latitude, 110 degrees 03 of East meridian);meanwhile, distance  from Chinese mainland continent to paracel island is longer than 235 nautical miles.

Milestones of Vietnam’s sovereignty in the Spratly Islands

Spratly Islands stretches from latitude 6o2 degree of North latitude to 11o28 degree of North latitude, from 112 degree of East longitude to 115 degree of East longitude in the sea for about 160.000km2 – 180.000km2. But despite extensive sea area of the island, rock, emerged from the water part is very small, only a total of about 11 km2

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