The current progress of the hospital project was discussed at the Strategic Planning Workshop which took place in Vientiane from July 12-15 to consider the strategic future direction of the hospital.

The workshop was attended by senior officials such as Laos’ Minister of Health Dr. Bounfeng Phoummalaysith, President & CEO of Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Dr. Yon Su Kim, and 73 other officials and representatives of related sectors, including Project Management Unit of the UHS Hospital and UHS staff.

The event was organised by SNUH aiming to share the current progress of the project and discuss the direction in which the hospital should head.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Bounfeng said “I would very much like to see all of the stakeholders’ continuing interest and support in building Laos’ very first teaching hospital and look forward to seeing new personnel training programmes, following up on the Lee Jong-wook Project, which began in 2010.”

Project Manager of the SNUH Consortium, Dr Dongyeon Lee, said the workshop not only fostered the sharing of diverse ideas to optimally implement the project plans, but would also build consensus among participants about the objectives that the UHS Hospital should achieve to deliver advanced medical services to the people of Laos.

President & CEO of SNUH, Dr Yon Su Kim, said “The ultimate objective of this project is to improve the environment and quality of healthcare in Laos through the establishment of the UHS Hospital, which will lead the country into a new phase of healthcare that provides advanced services to the Lao people.”
“The SNUH Consortium will continue to commit all its efforts and abilities to fulfilling the project objectives,” he added.

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) Consortium in the Republic of Korea has been selected as the main consultant to advise the Ministry of Health on the construction of the hospital, in the areas of medical planning, hospital operation, education, equipment, building construction, and HIS, since January this year, with funding from Korea’s Economic Development and Cooperation Fund (EDCF) operated by the Korea Eximbank.

During the workshop, participants shared ideas and discussed many topics such as environmental analysis, practical vision, underlying obstacles, strategic directions, and action plans to develop a model showing the successful opening as well as the sustainable operation of the UHS Hospital.

As a result of the workshop, ‘excellent centre for health professional training’ and ‘smart hospital’ were among the ideas suggested for the vision of the UHS Hospital.

SNUH, taking the role of Project Manager of the consortium, is together providing consultancy support with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea Consulting & Audit (KCA), MAC Architects-Consultants, DAAIN Group Architects & Engineers, and SANGJI Environment & Architects.

SNUH Consortium will deliver consultancy services on construction, operation, and health professional training for a period of seven years. When complete, the UHS Hospital will enhance Laos’ health and medical environment as well as provide professional training and health research.

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