Phnom Chhnork is the most spectacular cave complex in the Kampot area. Limestone mountains dot the landscape around Kampot and between Kampot and Kep and limestone caves are not a rare sight in this area. But what makes Phnom Chhnork unique is that the main cave contains the remains of a brick temple that dates back to the Funan Kingdom in the 7th century.

The brick structure is in excellent condition due to the protection of the cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are growing into the temple offering an impressive visual effect. Look for the rock and stalactite formations at the entrance of the main cave in the shape of elephan’s or calf’s heads.

There is a second cave at about 300 meters from the main chamber in the same limestone rock. There formations here are not as impressive as in the other one but the cave is deep and climbing and crawling over rocks is required. There is a small shrine in the interior if this cave. You can reach Phnom Chhnork just a short walk away from the Wat Ang Sdok, where the entrance point is located.

Source and photos : Aboutasiatravel