According to China’s Taiyuan Group railway company, the train has left Shanxi and is expected to arrive in the Laotian capital, Vientiane, within seven days. The train carried goods containers, including ceramics, paints, and fertilizers.

The new international freight train put into operation in Shanxi province (China), is expected to improve and expand logistics connectivity between the northern regions of China and ASEAN members, as well as promote economic and trade exchanges.

In the afternoon of December 3, 2021, after the opening ceremony, the first freight train of the No. 1 high-speed railway line in Laos departed. Among the goods, there are potassium products from the China-Laos joint venture company, named China Agriculture International Potassium Salt Exploitation and Development Company.

Sharing with Xinhua News Agency, the General Director of China Agriculture International Potassium Salt Exploitation and Development Company, Mr. Tong Yongheng said: “We are very pleased to ship the goods on the first freight train from Laos to China. The operation of this high-speed railway will help promote potassium production in Laos and increase exports. “

The Laos-China high-speed railway will operate at a speed of 120 km for cargo and 160 km for passenger transport.

The first high-speed railway in Laos was started in 2016 with an investment cost of about 5.95 billion USD. The railway section in Laos is 414 km in length, connecting Boten town in Luang Namtha province, bordering Yunnan province, to Vientiane, Laos. The whole route connecting Laos – China has a length of 1,035 km.

The project is mainly constructed by the China National Railway Corporation (CNRG) and is a single-lane railway according to China’s standards.

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