The Whale Shark’s skin

Nomination for the Indochina record “Largest Whale shark’s skin in Indochina“


The Largest whale shark’s skin in Vietnam

The whale shark is one of the biggest marine species in the world. On May 18 2010, Mr Dai Thanh Hao, along with  fishermen in Ganh Hao, Dong Hai District, Bac Lieu Province found the dead whale shark and due to the traditional custom of local people, its corpse was brought to Lang Ong Nam Hai.


The Whale Shark

Its body was measured Length 9.7 meters, girth 5 meters, weight : 13 tons. After having completed meat-treating process, local people have preserved the whole skin of this whale shark, then marinated for over 3 months before the marine technicians at Nha Trang Aquarium begins to tailor and restore the original conditions for the best preservation.

The whale shark’s skin after marinated and currently in the tailoring process.

This whale shark’s skin have been putting in Lang Ong Nam Hai since 2010 so that the local people can have a look at this unique skin. Moreover, from 9 March 2013 to 11 March 2013 (Lunar Calendar), Nghinh Ong Festival was held properly at Ganh Hao with more than 30000 attendances and 300 boats around the area. This whale shark’s skin is the national spiritual property which will constantly contribute for the folk beliefs of the people living in the coast of Vietnam.

Lang Ong Nam Hai, Home of the whale shark’s skin


17h15 April 18 2013, Mr Tran Thanh Phuong, permanent member of Vietnam Book of Records’advisory awards the Vietnam records for “The largest whale shark’s skin” to the representative of local government in the ceremony with many people and guests in the area.


Here are some pictures of this ceremony



Mr Nguyen Van Chua – Director of Lang Ong Nam Hai’s Boards of Management and Mr Bui Van Thong – Vice director of Lang Ong Nam Hai’s Boards of Management was awarded the Vietnam Record “The Largest whale shark’s skin”

Vietnam record’s certification

The Indochina Book of Records officially nominated ““The Largest whale shark’skin” for the whale shark’s skin of  Lang Ong Nam Hai

Indochina Kings