The incident happened near the pagoda in Bachong Village, Sangkat Preah Bat, Stung Treng City Stung Treng Province.

According to a source from the Department of Culture and Fine Arts of Stung Treng province, on Sunday night, an ancient temple stone emerged from the river at Chroy Bachong as heavy rains broke the riverbank.

Immediately, the people took a rope to pull the stone from the water took it to the Provincial Department of Culture and Fine Arts.

The source added that the stone above is a sculpture from an ancient temple and described it as a barrier or ‘sculpture above the gate’ between pillars.

The official added that according to the archives of the Stung Treng Provincial Archaeological Station inventory, Bachong temple is located on the side. West of Stung Treng is 3 km and next to the rubber road along the Sekong River.

This temple hill collapsed and lost its structure due to the collapse of the river bank due to digging for artefacts.

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