The apricot tree called “Tue Sam” is over 100 years old, about 2 meters in height from top to top; apricot stump and the roots are raised above the ground 3 meters in wide and branches, which grow from the trunk, create a beautiful curving dragon body. Source of photo: Vietkings

Mr. Vu Duc Dong – the owner of “Tue Sam” apricot tree shared: “Overall, the apricot tree is very beautiful, but there is a” scar “on the trunk in the middle which has become the point of losing the value of the tree. However, after long contemplaxtion, I felt that scar was artistic, so I decided to find an artist to draw the word “Tue Sam”, which is a compound of my parents’ first name, in the form of calligraphic letters emerging on the scar and get an antique paint.

After has received the advice of two friends, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Chairman of Mai Vang Club and Mr. Nguyen Minh Thanh, Vice Chairman of Mai Vang Club (Sa Dec City), Mr. Vu Duc Dong decided to inlaid 33.75-gram SJC 9999 gold on the body of apricot that is engraved with calligraphy word “Tue Sam”. This has the meaning of symbolizing 9 children in the family who are always attached, love each other and deferential to their parents.

The close-up of the word “Tue Sam” is inlaid with gold on the apricot tree trunk. Source of photo: Vietkings

On December 26, 2020, under the authorization of the Council of Indochina Book of Records- IndochinaKings, the Leadership of Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) awarded Indochina Record with the content “The owner of unique perennial yellow apricot tree whose trunk has been inlaid with SJC 9999 gold and engraved with calligraphy word “Tue Sam” in Indochina” of Mr. Vu Duc Dong.

Mr. Ha Phuoc Dung – Head of Publishing Division of Vietnam Records Organization announced the decision to recognize Record of Mr.Vu Duc Dong. Photo source: Vietkings

Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien – Representative of the Indochina Records Organization awarded the Indochina Record certificate to Mr. Vu Duc Dong. Source of photo: VietKings