Chief of Operations of CIM Men Nimulroat said yesterday that transgender women will not qualify to compete at the event.

“We really want to accept transgender women to join the Miss Universe contest, but we want to wait and see if other Asian countries do it first. Now we have clearly separated the competition for women and transgenders,” he said.

He also said only shortlisted applicants will be called in for a face-to-face interview.

Applicants must make a one-minute video of self-introduction and explain why she would win the Miss Universe Cambodia contest.

“The important thing this year – height requirement is not needed to contest, but focus will be on appearance and general knowledge, and the winner will receive over $10,000 which differs every year depending on the sponsors,” he said.

Normally, about 200 to 300 applicants join the Miss Universe Cambodia contest and it takes about one or two months to shortlist, he said.

Nimulroat said Cambodia first joined the Miss Universe contest in 2017 but has not won in the final round.

“Even if we do not win the competition, we are proud of sending participants from the Kingdom to the international stage.”

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