3 Nations – 1 Destination

Indochina is a land that has a long history with cultural values, profound traditional art and magnificent natural scenery. Therefore, from the ancient Indochina has become an attractive destination in the eyes of international travelers.

With the mission to honor and promote the images, people and history of the three Indochina countries; Indochina Book of Records is conducting three journeys for promoting and celebrating the best values of Indochina:

  • Journey of searching and setting 50 Best Indochina Destinations.
  • Journey of searching and setting Indochina’s Company Founders
  • Journey of searching and setting 100 Indochina Collections of Unique Values.


We organize these journeys with a desire to establish true and high values, verify objectively assessment; from which to honor immutable values and promote Indochina images to the world.

The journeys will be conducted as following steps:

  • Receive referral lists and nominations from individuals, agencies and organizations in Indochina.
  • Consult and receive feedbacks from agencies and organizations; Advisory Board of Indochina Book of Records, professional organizations and affiliate partners of Indochina Book of Records.
  • Announce officially the 3 Indochina journeys through the media, newspapers, televisions on three Indochina countries.

We are very pleased to receive nominations from Indochina countries to quickly set the journeys in orders to honor Indochina cultural values, history and art; promote the images and cultures of the three Indochina countries all over the world.