Name: The official name is Lao People's Democratic Republic.


Geographical location: Located in the center of Indochina peninsula, Laos borders Myanmar and China in the northwest, Vietnam in the east, Cambodia in the southeast and Thailand in the west and southwest.


The capital and largest city in Laos is Vientiane.


People: Laos is a multi-ethnic country, with Lao people having political and cultural advantages, accounting for about 55% of the population, mainly in the lowlands. Mon-Khmer, Hmong and other indigenous hill tribes, accounting for 45% of the population, live in foothills and mountains.


Language: The official language is Lao.


Climate: Laos has a tropical climate. Tropical monsoon and humid subtropical climate also occur in many places.


Rivers: Being a landlocked country, but in return, Laos has many large and famous rivers such as: Mekong, Nam Ou, Nam Ngum, Nam Xebanghieng, etc. which bring many benefits on their agriculture, production, tourism economy, etc.


Tourism: With the official tourism slogan "Laos: Simply beautiful", Laos happily introduce to international friends about their culture, cuisine, architecture, ancient history, etc. Tourism has grown rapidly, from 80,000 international visitors in 1990, to 1,876 million in 2010.


Source: Internet