Kasemrad International Hospital in Donnokkhoun village, Sisattanak district, was established to target middle-class customers who have the habit of using medical care services in Thailand. Starting to provide services from August 19 with about 110 beds, including ICU, it’s gradually expanding to full capacity in the next phase.

Kasemrad International is a general hospital built according to the standards of the American Institute of Architects AIA and the Joint Commission of International JCI. Kasemrad International Hospital belongs to the chain of Medical projects of BCH Thailand, the company currently owns and operates 12 private hospitals in Thailand.

Kasemrad International Hospital has a total investment of about 60 million USD, including 254 beds, the project is planned to be put into operation from 2020 but construction was interrupted due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to tapchilaoviet.org