Head of the Epidemiology Division of the Vientiane Health Department, Dr Chanthalay Sayavong, on Thursday told Vientiane Times about plans to reorganize the way vaccinations are administered in Vientiane.

Local officials and health authorities are now trying to ensure that vaccination sessions take place safely and that everyone involved complies with Covid-19 control and prevention measures.

Changes are planned following complaints from the public about failure to comply with the rules on social distancing at health centres. As a result, health authorities in Vientiane have advised each vaccination centre to arrange for a certain number of people to turn up at any one time, Dr Chanthalay said.

The Vientiane Health Department has advised health authorities in each district to arrange for only 200 to 400 people to be given vaccinations on one day. These will be administered at district hospitals and health centres that have appropriate facilities.

The city’s main hospitals can vaccinate 400 to 800 people each day and provide the most efficient services, Dr Chanthalay said. He called on the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to do more to remind people about ways to prevent the virus from spreading, including explaining the rollout of vaccinations, so as to reduce the number of complaints from members of the public.

Part of the reason for failure to comply with the rules on social distancing is because of the chaotic way that vaccinations are organized and the lack of information provided about locations and the number of people who can be vaccinated each day. Social distancing and the wearing of face masks are essential and should not be neglected, as this negates efforts to stop the spread of the virus, health officials say.

According to vientianetimes.org.la