In agriculture, the Lao Government stipulates a list of crops to encourage domestic production and reduce imports, including 6 product groups: cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, onion, chili, and lettuce.

In animal husbandry and aquaculture, those are cows, pigs, goats, geese, ducks, and products such as eggs, pork, beef, goat meat, duck meat, goose meat, animal parts, animal organs of all kinds, tilapia, carp and other aquatic fish.

The Lao Government stipulates a list of animal products, animal and aquatic products that are allowed to be imported into Laos, including: animal breeds of good quality, vaccines to prevent diseases for animals, equipment, drugs, animal feed, raw materials for the production of animal feeds and vaccines that Laos cannot produce, raw materials, supplies and agricultural machinery for livestock production.

In addition, the Lao government allows the import of some animal products, but requires the importer to have a specific import plan that does not affect domestic production such as good quality beef, sheep meat, ostrich meat to meet the needs of large restaurants and hotels; allow the import of lard, pork skin, meat scraps for processing to serve companies and factories.

The Lao government also allows the import of seafood, but it must have management measures together with specific provinces, allowing to consider detailed quota regulations in each period, according to the plan and actual needs.

Previously, speaking at the second Laos Government Open Conference 2021 at the end of December 2021, Lao Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Investment Sonexay Siphandone said that to encourage domestic production, The Lao government has regulated factors of production, through which it is possible to determine the need to import all kinds of rice varieties, plants, animals, wood, fish, frogs, including machinery, materials and production equipment to balance with domestic demand.

In 2022, the Lao government sets a target of 4.5% economic growth and a trade surplus of US$1,550 million, budget revenue of LAK 31,593 billion; The Lao government will focus on implementing the National Socio-Economic Development Plan, the State Budget Plan, the 2022 Monetary Plan, and implementing the National Program to solve the economic-financial difficulties to create powerful changes, achieve better results.

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