According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, authorities have begun collecting data on poor families who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as the second wave spreads across Laos.

The notice states that laborers without social insurance coverage and the poorest individuals affected by the Covid-19 crisis will be targeted for data collection.

The government will then use this data to decide upon an assistance policy for those affected.

The assistance, once agreed upon, will be available for Lao citizens only, with a focus on the unemployed.

The Ministry of Labor will coordinate with district and village authorities to collect information until 15 may, after which the policy will be implemented.

Laos is now under lockdown until 20 May to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 as the country experiences its second wave.

Many provinces across Laos went into lockdown on 21 April or in the following days, with measures prohibiting all residents to leave their homes except for essential grocery shopping, hospital visits, and any other tasks authorized by the government, such as work undertaken by essential workers.

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