The ministry issued a notice on 25 November accepting ticket pricing for the Laos-China Railway proposed by the Department of Railways.

According to the notice, two Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains will be in service along the railway, as well as a standard train service with discounted fares.

Services will operate from four major stations with stops at five destinations.  Fares range from LAK 38,000 to 529,000 (CNY 21 to 249) depending on the distance.

According to the notice, passengers will be required to carry photo identification and produce a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate issued no later than 72 hours prior to boarding the train.

Passengers are advised to arrive at the station one hour before departure, using their ticket as a reference for entering the station and conducting safety checks.

After check-in, passengers should remain in the waiting area and ticket inspection will be carried out 20 minutes prior to the train’s departure.

Tickets will be available for purchase three days before the departure date.

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