On 24 February, an online conference was held between the two parties, and an MoU was signed to provide technical training and education programs for the development of smart technology-related human resources in Laos.

The aim of this collaboration is also to further help improve the capacity of leading research institutions to use smart technology to aid in various assessments.

Both parties agree that this development will set the foundation for the research of AI and Big Data in Laos, while also providing beneficial facilities such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data testing rooms, vocational training rooms, and more.

According to Lao Phatthana, the MoU states that the institute will also seek financial support to conduct research projects on the use of smart technology in the areas of agriculture, education enterprises, tourism, labor, public health, and the environment, among others.

The MoU was co-signed by Mr. Phonpaseuth Phitsamai, Director of The Research Institute for Smart Technology, Prof. Xing Kunlun, Deputy Director of Chongqing College of Electronic Engineering, China, and Mr. Allan Yang, Vice President of Lao-China Economic Trade Promotion Association, Chairman of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to laotiantimes.com