The move is to facilitate registration of the COVID-19 vaccination programme throughout the country, an attempt by the government to successfully inoculate 80 percent of the population to protect them against the deadly coronavirus.

The user-friendly mobile app will allow people to register for the vaccine, and subsequently wait for the health authorities to notify them of the date, time, and location where they will be vaccinated.

Those registering should also provide correctly all the information sought including their profession for the authorities to analyze the urgency of them to be vaccinated.

The app is available for download at

The health ministry is also awaiting approval from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store to feature their app on these platforms.

The first version of the app will be offered in Khmer and it is unknown when or if an English version will become available.

The app could be an ideal way to manage vaccinations in the country, considering as of July last year, the Kingdom recorded 14.8 million mobile internet subscribers, representing almost 90 percent of the population.

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