Dr. Huong is currently the Head of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. The kit that she and the research team created is based on a biomarker called p-tau 217 protein – a biomarker that is not only valuable for early diagnosis but can also predict the progression of Alzheimer’s disease to provide results for patients. Based on the p-tau 217 protein content, it is possible to know whether the patient will progress quickly or slowly in the coming years.

Although the kit is not so easy to use, district healthcare workers can use it to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease instead of using modern equipment.

Dr. Thanh Huong’s Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis project was considered for a national science scholarship, L’Oreal – UNESCO For Women in Science 2022, worth 150 million VND.

Dr. Huong’s research team has established contacts with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, the 30-4 Hospital, and molecular diagnostic groups from the University of Science and Technology and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in order to collaborate in the future. 

According to vnexpress.net