KY iCENTER is a business office building that combines the Internet of Things and intelligent business services to perfectly integrate hardware and software, breaking the framework of space-based thinking in buildings and allowing companies to use the building space for their own purposes.

The exclusive APP connects business office space and services, combined with the shared space support in the entire floor of the business conference center and the rooftop recreation center; a cell phone can handle and control meeting reservations, visitor invitations, entry access control, bill payment, parking, staff recruitment, and other demands; provide notifications of visitors, emails, meeting reminders, etc. For Phnom Penh businessmen who need to travel internationally, it can effectively solve various restrictions in terms of location, space, and time.

Companies to be stationed in KY iCENTER will become members of KY iCENTER and can apply 2,000 square meters in 11 meeting rooms, shared spaces, and leisure facilities for free. These spaces are controlled by the intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) interface. With intelligent meeting facilities, companies don’t need to arrange their own meeting rooms, but can have online meetings with other countries around the world with the best equipment and environment.

In addition, KY iCENTER regularly holds free seminars, invites experts in various fields to share their knowledge and experience in business development; publishes various information through the members of the APP.

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