The statue is 21 metres tall on a pedestal 6.34 metres high (27.34 metres in total) is the largest copper statue in Cambodia and It weighs in total 60 tonnes. This is also the tallest copper statue in Indochina. 

Located at the Preah Thong Neang Neak roundabout in Koki Village, Bit Trang Commune, Prey Nup District, Preah Sihanouk, the giant statue weighs in total 60 tonnes and faces Ream Beach.

The statue is inspired by Preah Thong and Neang Neak, symbolic personas in Khmer culture. They are thought to have founded the pre-Angkorian state of Funan. Much of Khmer wedding customs can be traced back to the marriage of Preah Thong and Neang Neak.

“Preah Thong Neang Neak” statue is among the four icons of Preah Sihanouk provinces. The other three are Golden Lions at the city centre, Preah Uma-Mahesor statue at the Preah Uma-Mahesor roundabout in Thmar Thom village, Ream commune, Prey Nup district; and three-faced Siha Reach statue in Sihanoukville’s commune 1.

The statue was inaugurated on April 16, 2022.

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