Up to now, it is not clear when the Tu Do Stadium was built, but from the documents collected from the old records and from the elders in Hue, it is temporarily determined that the French built and named it Stade Olympique de Hué around 1935. Later, the Nguyen Dynasty changed the name of the stadium to Bao Long Stadium (the name of the crown prince of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong) when the stadium was coincidently inaugurated with the crown prince’s birthday.

After the August Revolution, Bao Long Stadium was changed to Tu Do Stadium. This is the home ground of Hue football club.

Tu Do Stadium is the first and only stadium in Vietnam and Indochina has a velodrome for track cycling and board track racing. The velodrome here is built of concrete, inclined 45º, circumference 500m.

This is also the place where many coureurs from all over the country as well as from the two countries, Laos and Cambodia, come to compete in this velodrome. The stadium is also the venue for the annual Indochinese football championship.

Experiencing many ups and downs over time, Tu Do Stadium has also been repaired many times, especially during the renovation phase to organize the 6th National Phu Dong Sports Festival in Hue, which made the stadium more spacious.

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