Its type locality is within the Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary. Its natural habitats are tropical moist lowland forests, moist montane forests, and rivers. Many males were found along mountain streams from 500-1140 m in habitat with evergreen forest. Males were always observed within 1m of the stream and usually no further than 0.3 m from fast-flowing water.

A large member of the genus Megophrys at a maximum SVL of 76.7 mm. Dark and tan dorsally with an hourglass patter and a triangle between eyes a mahogany color. Flanks marbled dark brown. Upper lip banded dark brown on vinous grey-brown ground color. Orange flash coloration in groin area. Throat vinous grey-brown. Webbing is dark brown and iris is copper colored. Head is wider than long with a bluntly pointed and largely protruding snout. Distance between front of eyes is two times the distance between back of eyes. Nostrils are oval with a low flap of skin laterally, closer to eye than to tip of snout. No teeth are present. The forearm is shorter than hand, relative finger lengths are 2<1<4<3. Hind limbs are long and when adpressed anteriorly, heels overlap. Toes are long and thin, relative toe lengths are 1<2<5<3<4. There is no dermal ridge along toe 5. Skin is smooth on head and anterior part of back, but granular on posteiror part of back and flanks. Small, white femoral and pectoral glands present, posterior part of supratympanic fold has glands which are slightly enlarged

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