Institute of Oceanography in Nhatrang is an oceanography institute located at 1 Cau Da St., next to Cau Da Wharf, about 5km from the centre of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Established in 1922, it was one of the first centres for scientific research in Vietnam and is an important location for tropical oceanographic research.

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Institute of Oceanography is considered a data repository on marine ecosystems. Tourists to Institute have a chance to admire the vivid and diverse images and ascertain the life of the sea creatures and marine ecosystem models. The Marine Animal Museum is located in the vicinity which has more than 20,000 sea and freshwater creatures.

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Institute of Oceanography located at the foot of the outcrop where Bao Dai Village is a grand French-colonial building which houses the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam. It is an interesting aquarium in which you can gain the exact image of Nha Trang marine environment. Opened to the public on September 14th, 1922, today it is still a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. 

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The Museum of Oceanography located in the Oceanographic Institute is home to numerous showrooms of the sea creatures and the ecosystems. Visiting galleries of marine life aquarium, tourists seem to be lost in a colorful world of rare and valuable sea creatures, such as sea anemones, red and blue starfishes, holothurians, snakes, tortoises, shrimps, fishes, etc. In the outdoor marine creature-rearing aquarium, tourists will have a general view of the diversity in colors and species of fish. Numerous rare and valuable species of fish are being reared, including amberjack, macropodus, king fish, and eel.

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With the history of nearly 90 years of the Institute, the Museum Oceanography has collected and preserved over 20.000 marine organism samples. The aquarium system of museum has domesticated and cultured a great number of marine organisms. The Museum Oceanography is a member of the international museum association ICOM. To contribute more to community education and awareness on marine environment and resources, marine security and national sovereignty, the tunnel displayed the Spratly and Paracel islands resources has been opened to the public in 2011. This is the ideal place not only for researchers and students to work and study, but also for tourists to get more knowledge on the marine resource and environment.


Address: 1 Cau Da, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam

Opening Hours: from 6 AM to 6 PM

Tel: +84 58 3590036; +84 58 3590032



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