Wat Sampov Pram was found not far from the old casino considered as a practical temple on mountain peak. It was built in 1924 by by King Monivong.Although temple is not very big but it possess  the beautiful scenery, especially the 5 big nature sailboats shaped rock , so it’s also called Five boats Temple. Likewise, “Wat Sampov Pram” is viewed as the highest Buddha pagodas in Cambodia as it is situated on the 1,075 meters high mountain.


There is a legend about the temple as follows: Once upon a time, there was a prince named Preah Thong. His father for supporting his brother asked the prince to abandon everything and leave it to his brother. Being depressed, Prince Preah Thong decided to leave his country and go traveling around the world. Prince Preah Thong found a very high Tlork trees .Tlork trees produce not only edible nuts, but also can be used to waterproof boats. This is what Prince Preah Thong need the most at that time. Therefore, he ordered the servant to camp near Tlork trees. The following morning, when the prince Preah Thong was walking on the beach, he saw a group of girls who were playing near the beach. Prince was immediately attracted and fascinated by the beauty of a Nagani (Princess Aquarium).Both of them fell in love at the first sight. After that, Prince Preah Thong asked Princess Nagani to meet her father for permission to marry. Princess said: “Grab my tail” then the princess lead to go into the deep sea to meet dragon king. Dragon King is very pleased with the prince Preah Thong and agreed to allow their marriage.


After staying at the Aquarium for a week, the prince Preah Thong wanted to leave and build his own kingdom and explore the world with his new bride. Dragon King not only bless them people but gave the couple 5 giant sailboat filled with jewels as dowry. Along with 500 servants, the couple went to the land that is now the location of the Wat Sampov Pram. Prince Preah Thong decided to build his kingdom here. Prince Preah Thong was known as the father of the Khmer civilization! Over time, the sea water receded, the ground was gradually higher and 5 giant sailboat turned to stone. 


Not only fascinated by the image of 5 legendary boats, this place is also beautiful because the image of a Khmer-style temple is featured with bright yellow on the roofs and the bird god Garuda on the pillars. A mysterious picture of a long-standing culture manifests itself in front of the eye of the viewer. Behind the temple is breath-taking view of the sapphire sea and emerald green jungle you will be amazed. Great views are over the rainforest to the coastline below, and across the sea to Vietnam’s PhuQuoc Island – on a clear day.