Koh Ker Temple is located in the northeast of Cambodia, about 115km from Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. This strange ruin is clearly different from the temples in the area, although it is unknown why people intentionally equate it as "Temple".

Koh Ker is not built according to the typical "temple tower" architecture. At first glance, this is the only Pyramid known in Cambodia, even Indochina.

Yet, Koh Ker has very little interest. The story of its origins is also quite sketchy, mainly by word of mouth by locals.

They said that General Jayavarmal, due to disagreement with the king, broke away from the court at Angkor. He established his own kingdom and built a new temple complex at Koh Ker as a place of reign and sacrifice. He was the King Jayavarman IV (X century) in history.

Pyramid of Koh Ker is located in the middle of a wide and flat land, inside a large wall. It is also surrounded by a canal system – an artificial stretching lake, making the tower taller and striking in the sky.

The most recent measurements show the width of the tower edges up to 66 meters, while the height at the top of the tower is 40 meters. A very large terraced pyramid with seven floors.

The structure of the building is still very good. It was built from a combination of volcanic rocks on the inside and sturdier sandstone slabs on the outside. The outer layer of rock has different sizes, arranged in a pattern of concave and convex. This has brought about structural stability, a simple but ingenious technique.

The first floor has 11 rows of stacked stone blocks, the second floor has 13 rows, and all the remaining floors (from the third to the seventh floors) have the same 11 ranges. The stones are joined together only by absolute matching, without any binder. Hexagonal stone blocks are used to "lock" the important points of the structure.

The only stairway leading up to the Pyramid is in the West. However there is no door to penetrate into the tower, maybe it is hidden beneath the underground. The stone steps were also intact and too dangerous to step up. So people made temporary wooden ladders for visitors to use.

The stones at the base of the tower are relatively small, within the range of 500-2000 kg. The largest blocks at the top, can reach about 7 tons.

The square top of the tower is made of the largest and most beautiful stones. The outside is decorated with the image of Hindu gods holding two stone ledges. In the middle of the summit is a "chimney" that leads deep into the tower – the "energy pipe".

Pyramid is the most powerful form of structure when it comes to energy. Researchers think they are capable of amplifying available natural energy sources. Construction materials here include sandstone (conductive) and volcanic rock (rich in iron as an electromagnetic source).


Artificial lakes and channels built around the Pyramid allow water to flow, release negative ions and kinetic energy. The structure of the tower consists of concentric squares (walls and terraces) that gradually shrink towards the top, acting as paths, concentrating natural energies into the tower.

The pyramid has seven floors. Seven is a sacred figure in Hindu religion. It is an indivisible odd number, a prime number and in "sacred geometry", 7 along with 11 and 13 are "energy amplification" numbers.

It is believed that the construction of the Pyramid in addition to common purposes such as sacrifices, worship or showing authority, there is also another mysterious ability that is also important: that is to concentrate the energy sources to help their owners get extraordinary energy.

According to viajeasean