Ong Nui Pagoda, also known as Linh Phong Son Pagoda, is located on the top of Chop Vung, Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province, Viet Nam.


From the front of the pagoda's main hall, going west through a small bridge will lead to the tombs of the Tower and up to To cave located on the mountain behind the pagoda. To Cave is said to be the place where Mr. Nui used to live and recite Buddhist recitations. Until now, the cave still retains its pristine appearance with inner cliffs and the outside landscape.


Reclining Buddha statue at this temple was started in 2009, divided into several stages. The first phase of the project consists of 4 major projects focused on construction, completed in 2016. Including key works of Sakyamuni Buddha. According to Linh Phong Dharma Spirituality Project Management Board, Sakyamuni Buddha statue has a height of 108 m (including the pedestal of the statue), the diameter of the statue is 52 m. All are cast reinforced concrete on site.


The Buddha statue sits on a lotus throne, halfway up the mountain, at an altitude of 129 m above sea level, overlooking the East Sea, with its back leaning on the highest mountain in the Nui Ba relic complex. At the foot of the statue is the center of the Buddhist sermon and the Arhat corridor, the Buddhist library, the Xa Loi Buddha museum, where visitors come to visit and worship.


Ong Nui Pagoda is a national historical and cultural relic, up to now, there are 12 inheritances. Every year, Ong Nui Pagoda festival is held on the 24th and 25th of lunar month – the death anniversary of Mr To Vien Minh of the pagoda. On this occasion, thousands of people and pilgrims visit the Buddha, admire the scenery and go to To Cave to offer incense to admire the merit of Mr. Nui.


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