Known as Coconut School, it is located in Roneah Village on Koh Dach (Silk Island), Cambodia, and is the brainchild of socially and environmentally-minded Ouk Vanday.


In 2013, Vandy quit his job as a hotel manager to start building the school. In its first incarnation, it used coconut trees as tables, chairs and other study materials – hence the name. "My initial purpose of creating the school was to give vulnerable children in the village the opportunity to learn English and computer skills because they had never had the chance to do so," he said.


But Vanday was already greatly concerned by the volume of waste people in Phnom Penh produce and throw away every day, so he started to collect it up and build it into his school. He hasn't looked back since.


Coconut School, which accommodates seven volunteer teachers and more than 230 children. Unlike other kids, they pay their monthly school fees with trash which used to build the school comes from the students themselves.  


And as you might expect from such an environmentally-driven establishment, Coconut school offers its kids a recycling course. So beside English and computer skills, they learn how to recycle and create new, useful things from trash. And that, according to Vanday, gives them the ability to think and make the best use of their rubbish.


His school has been so successful that he has already begun building another one on Kirirum Mountain in Kampong Speu Province. This one will also have its own computer room and accommodation where the children can stay – all of which will also be made from waste.


Source: Internet